Mother and child

Mother and child(eng. Mother and child) Free publication for those who care for the child’s health

Free publication about pregnant woman’s, young mom’s and baby’s health. Tips on how to raise a healthy child from the first months of pregnancy until the birth, from babyhood up to school. For mom, dad and grandparents.

HEADS OF PUBLICATION. Interview with a young mom. Pregnant woman’s health, nutrition, psychology. Young woman’s: the current and future mothers, health and beauty. Baby care, hygiene and breastfeeding. Small kids’ health, nutrition, education and psychology. Treatment of various diseases and their prevention, injuries at home and outside. Healthy teeth and their hygiene. Clothes, footwear, dish, safe toys, furniture. Child’s physical development. A healthy environment.

Published for four years. Periodicity: quarterly publication. Publication format A5 (148mm/210mm)

DISTRIBUTED for free in: pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, children treatment and healthcare centers, children care and leisure time institutions, prenatal care institutions, birth houses.

Health magazine online:

Health information for mother and child. Publications  „Mama ir vaikas“ (eng. Mother and child) in flash and PDF format.

Web pages are regularly updated – information related with mother’s and child’s health – news and topicality of this area, seasonal health information. Useful links will help you to access quickly the information on medicines and food supplements, medical innovations, medical and health institutions and physicians, health organizations you may need, to learn about health campaigns and social initiatives, healthy children leisure time.

There are regularly arranged contests and awards for that for the readers of publication and web visitors.

„Mama ir vaikas“ in Facebook – news, friends of the website and publication Communication with the target audience

MB Mama ir vaikasCONTACTS

Small partnership „Mama ir vaikas”

Phone: (+370659) 58686

E-mail: info[@]


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